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...defenders of anarchy..

Okay, so let me music blog for a bit here. =) There's a couple of songs I have been totally unable to get out of my head the last few days so let me infect you with them as well. First, is this hilarious pop anthem, the St. Trinian's Theme by the chart-topping UK girl group, Girls Aloud, from the recently released in Britain film St. Trinian's. It's about a riotous boarding school for wayward girls. Don't know if it'll ever show in the U.S., it's like a Disney film on hormones, the sort of shagadelic send-up Benny Hill would have loved, and we can't get away with in a puritan USA, Lindsay Lohan notwithstanding. But, it is one fantastic party song, so crank it up loud, dance yourself silly, and sing along: "We are the best / So screw the rest, we do as we damn well please...St. Trinian's-- defenders of anarchy"

Girls Aloud - Theme from St. Trinian's

And, from Australia, I bring you the YouTube sensations, Gus and Fin, AKA GUGUG. You know, I was there in 1979, I was a major fan of new wave music, Gary Numan was a formative influence of mine, so when I saw these Aussies come up on my Google search for Numan's classic space pop ditty Are Friends Electric?, performing a homegrown cover of the song with ukeleles, well...I was just about to give it a miss. I am glad I did not. Give it a listen. These guys are fantastic performers, and man do they seem to be having a good time. I defy you to not walk around with a lingering smile after hearing it. It does what a good cover ought to do, that is, it reinterprets the song, renews it, and makes it novel once again. Check out GUGUG's page on YouTube, they got a raft of rocking covers, everything from Link Wray and the Raymen's Jack the Ripper (1963), to a ska rendition of the theme to the 1960 film hit Exodus. These guys are a real find. Tell me if you find them as contagiously enjoyable as I do.

GUGUG - Are Friends Electric?
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