Papilleau (papilleau) wrote,

...stewards of life..

    ...I was surrounded by a society in which people didn't appear to believe in anything deeper than their product wish lists. Think about it. Utah is populated largely by people who believe their prophet discovered a pair of gold plates and spoke to an angel named Moroni. Hollywood is run by people who surgically alter their appearances and think they're descended from an alien named Xenu. People believe in ghosts, UFOs, a Heaven in which they'll be reunited with all their dead relatives. Let's not even get into Christianity with its flaming sword guarding the tree of knowledge. Human beings just fundamentally believe crazy fucking shit, the crazier the better...Is believing that human beings are meant to be stewards of life in the universe really crazier than believing a certain brand of car makes you sexy or that God is keeping track of how many times you masturbate?

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