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...cherry blossoms..

It's cherry blossom time so Rose and I went to see the animé festival downtown. She's big into that and manga, reminds me of my own young obsession with Ozamu Tezuka's Astroboy, and my later my infatuation with DC Comics and French comic art. Like dad, like daughter it seems. I was blown away by the quality of what we saw. I was most taken by Makoto Shinkai's 5 Centimeters Per Second. Not a fantasy, no enchanted animals, no pyrotechnics, just a simple story of young love in modern Japan, with a lovely soundtrack. I recommend it highly. The title refers to the speed at which cherry blossoms drift apart and fall to earth. It's a metaphor for the fleetingness of life. I defy you to watch it and not feel an emotional tug. As it happens the whole thing is up on YouTube so I've made it up into a playlist so you can see it in its entirety. Do enjoy!

5 Centimeters Per Second (2007)
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